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Who is eligible?
Your total purchase must be between $600 and $10,000 to be eligible for interest free installments over 4-12
months. 0% interest means you will not pay any additional fees for paying by installment. Your artwork(s) will
be delivered following final payment.

How can I reserve an artwork for purchase?
You can easily reserve your new artwork by making an initial payment. The artwork will be marked as sold on
my website and price list after your initial payment has been received.

How do I pay off the remaining installments?
You can pay using all major credit/debit cards through PayPal or Google check out. As an alternative
payment method, payment by check can also be accepted. (This method is currently only available for
residents of The United States and France.)

What's the next step?
Send an e-mail with the title of the work, your shipping address code, and any other questions you may have
to: You may also leave a voice message at: (917) 477 3923. You will receive a reply
with complete shipping and payment details.
Installment Payment Plans