We beat ourselves up for not having a fatter resume, not selling
enough work, not getting into the right exhibitions, or for not winning
a grant or award. Add to that, the challenge of trying to juggle studio
time, family time, and a “day job”, the result-- complete overwhelm!  

But here’s the thing: It’s not enough that you make great art.
You need a concrete plan for promoting and marketing your work.

You also need someone to support, guide, and hold you accountable
to that plan.

That’s where I come in.

When you're ready to stop struggling, and start thriving, I can help you.
Too many artists struggle for years to exhibit and sell their work before realizing they need help.
Where will your Art career be 6 months from TODAY
if you don’t invest in learning the concrete skills that will help you
promote and market your work?
Every month I work with a powerhouse group of 10-15
emerging artists to help them get clear about their goals
and understand exactly what steps they need to take for
their careers.

In Creative Circle Coaching, not only will you get
information on building a strong foundation for your
Creative business, you’ll also be part of a positive,
energetic, hard-working creative community that will keep
you on track by supplying you with accountability and the
support you need.
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In 2012, I wanna work with artists who are ready to shine!
selling work and having shows, but you’re ready to kick
things up a notch!  

What’s your next move?  

In One-on-One Creative Career Mentoring we get right
down to business on an in-depth analysis of your art
business-- starting from where you are now, and working
towards where you want to be 5 or even 10 years down
the road.

Over the course of 2 months we’ll figure out exactly what
you need to fine-tune and streamline so you can attract
more buyers for your work. Meaning: Making it into more
National and International exhibitions, getting on the
radar of museum and independent curators, growing a
loyal collector base, and making bigger and more frequent

If that sounds like you, this plan is tailored exactly to your

It includes:
• 2 scheduled 40-minute sessions per month.
• Up to 4, five-minute “check-in” phone sessions in
between regular coaching sessions—get feedback
• Unlimited email support.
• An initial 2 month commitment, then we’ll work
together on a month-to-month basis for as long as you

The cost per month is $550.
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this isn’t about exclusivity or judgment—I just want to make sure we’re a
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